Employee interview – Aki Ahtiainen

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Employee Interviews

The work of a designer is fascinated by freedom and challenge

Aki Ahtiainen designs steel structures and various elements according to customers’ needs at TPE Turun Pelti ja Eristys. Ahtiainen, who has been soon eight years in the house, likes the challenge of his job and the excellent atmosphere of the workplace.

Aki Ahtiainen, who has a degree in mechanical engineering, has been allowed to work in a job corresponding to his education throughout his employment.

– My job as a designer includes the design of various steel structures and steel products. I always try to carry out the wishes of the customer when it comes to product, so my job as a designer is bringing wishes to reality.

Creativity and freedom are fascinating

In addition to creativity, the work also requires cooperation skills and a solution focus.

– My job requires problem-solving skills, and the work is done together with the client, so there must be the ability to cooperate.

Ahtiainen ended up in the workplace through acquaintances.

– I was familiar with work here, and through that, I ended up working here, and I have not regretted my choice.

In Ahtiainen’s opinion, the best part of the work is having challenges, while technical information can be applied in practice.

– Yes, there is a freedom of design in this work that fascinates. The best thing is when you get to bother your head a little, which demonstrates that there is a suitable challenge at work, and it stays intriguing. The most rewarding is when the job goes well, and all parties are satisfied.

Excellent work atmosphere keeps you happy

Ahtiainen has enjoyed well at TPE Turku Pelti ja Eristys company.

– It’s nice to work here, and I have a really good time. The co-workers are good guys, and we have a really great work atmosphere. It’s easy to be satisfied, Ahtiainen says.

– It is also great that the employment benefit is, for example, sports and cultural benefits that can be utilized according to one’s own choice.

In his free time, Ahtiainen’s time is mostly spent jogging with a Rhodesian dog. A large dog requires a lot to do.

– That’s the kind of dog that is the size of a small foal, so there’s plenty to do and fuss, Ahtiainen laughs.