Ceramic facade products

Hertsi keraaminen julkisivu

Ceramic facade products

TPE has supplied and installed tens of thousands of square meters of ceramic facades for a wide range of projects. The use of ceramic products in facade construction is one of the hallmarks of contemporary architecture. The success of ceramic brick tiles can be seen worldwide in various applications, from small public buildings to magnificent museums.

Extruded ceramic tiles are ideal for ventilated facades and are installed using lightweight mounting systems. The size and color range of extruded brick tiles is diverse, and there are various surface finish options. These tiles create functional and aesthetically appealing facades for buildings.

We use for example FAVEKER® brick tiles, which are compatible with multiple systems, offering limitless customization possibilities for ventilated facades. The clay used in FAVEKER® brick tiles boasts excellent frost resistance, chemical resistance, and flexural strength, making it an ideal material for ventilated facades.

Extruded ceramic tiles can be custom-made to meet the specific aesthetic requirements of a project. Customized tile designs are considered on a case-by-case basis.

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