Facade and sheet metal work


Sheet metal construction consists a of wide range of things from construction related sheet metal structures, alkane lathing and cassette facades to thermal insulated sandwich element walls.

These products are mainly manufactured by TPE Oy, whose own installment groups also take care of their installment.

TPE Oy manufactures and installs from sheet metal row pointed water coverings with necessary inlets. Rainwater systems and ceiling security products from different suppliers complement delivered ceiling projects.

Manufactured as façade products, Twin 13 and Twin 33 profile sheets can be used in façades where new impressive and unconventional look is desired.

Supporting profile sheet TPE115 is used when the frame span is long and light and quickly installable product is needed to carry thermal insulation materials, water covering and snow burden.

Sandwich element consist of mineral wool core and coated sheet metal surface. The element guarantees excellent and fire safe thermal insulation and sound proofing features for both the inner and outer surfaces of a building.

Sheet metal products are also manufactured from copper, brass, aluminum, rheinzink, and RST and HST sheet metals.

In addition to our own products, we also install façade products manufactured from other materials. Most often used are tile planks and tiles which have become increasingly popular in modern construction projects.