Aluminum construction


We have a wide network of glass façade, door and window suppliers that support TPE’s other deliveries in a natural way.

The energy efficiency and environmental impact of the construction products are important factors when choosing the structures. Sapa 2086 system represents the next generation of construction solutions. The energy efficient construction system has the benefits of excellent insulation capability, and good sound proofing, air proofing and water proofing, and comprehensive transforming potentials.

Aluminum structures allow the creation of versatile and functional façades.

By our product suppliers and own installations we are able to provide a wide range of different door, window and glass façade solutions:


  • Thermal insulated front doors
  • Uninsulated communicating doors
  • Fire resistance partition doors EI30, E60 and EI60
  • Break protection doors
  • Inside and outside opening windows
  • Terrace sliding doors
  • CE marked glass façade walls
  • Glass ceilings

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