Plate processing center

Plate processing centerWe have a plate processing center Prima Power Punch Sharp 1530 + Compact Express 1530 plate loading and unloading automation to support our sheet metal work. Prima Power Punch Sharp offers top-level electric servo punching technology based on solid experience in a very flexible and compact package. The genius of electric servo punching is how it combines energy saving and ergonomics with excellent precision and productivity. Punch Sharp is designed to offer versatility. With the help of the sheet metal work center, our sheet metal work expertise has risen to a more comprehensive level, and through this we are able to meet the most demanding needs of our customers.

The machine can process all metals, from black steel to precious metals. It is also possible to work with plastic-coated sheet metal. Depending on the tools and material quality, the plate work center can work with plates up to 8 mm thick. The maximum dimensions of the boards to be processed are 1500x3000mm.

In addition to our own production, we offer a subcontracting plate processing service to other operators, either from our own extensive plate stock or cut from the customer’s materials.

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